Saranda is one of the most beautiful places. If you love mountains, nature, and waterfalls, you should definitely go there. Saranda is a small city located near Ohrid and the beautiful lake of Prespa. It has many places to visit, a lot of restaurants and bars. We would like to tell you how to travel from Ohrid To Saranda.

In this article, I’m going to share the traveling guide from Ohrid to Saranda. If you want to go to Saranda, don’t forget to read this article.

The best time to go to Saranda is in the summer. The weather is perfect in the summer. You can enjoy the beautiful landscapes and the food. The best thing about the weather in the summer is that you can swim 🙂

Jokes apart – Ohrid is the capital of Macedonia. There are many things to do in Ohrid. You can go to Ohrid castle, which is located in the old town. The old town of Ohrid is full of restaurants, and bars. You can enjoy the old town by yourself or with your friends.

How To Take An Amazing Trip from Ohrid To Saranda
How To Take An Amazing Trip from Ohrid To Saranda

You can find Ohrid, one of the oldest cities in Europe, located in Macedonia. Ohrid is famous for its old town. This is a must-visit place in Macedonia. You can find some interesting historical monuments, and enjoy the architecture, food, and wine. I visited this city in July and the weather was great. You can stay there overnight or day trip to Saranda.

The most popular place to go in Ohrid is the old town. The old town is very popular. You can see the old town from the highest point in old town. The old town is full of interesting monuments, and old buildings. There are many interesting monuments and buildings.

First of all, you need to know that there are two ways to go to Saranda. One way is to go through Ohrid. You can take a bus from Ohrid to Saranda. This is the easiest way. Another way is to take the boat from Ohrid to Saranda. There are many boats from Ohrid to Saranda. You can find the details on the official website.

You can hire a driver to drive you from Ohrid to Saranda. The price of the car depends on the type of car and the distance. You can book the car in advance. You can make the payment through bank transfer, credit card, or PayPal.

If you go to Saranda on foot, you need to pay attention to your safety. You should bring the proper shoes for walking. You can walk from Saranda to Ohrid, but you can also take the boat from Saranda to Ohrid.

When it comes to getting from Ohrid to Saranda, there are two main ways to travel: by bus or by train.

Getting from Ohrid to Saranda By Bus

The cheapest way to get to Saranda is to take the bus from Ohrid. You’ll have to book your tickets in advance.

The bus from Ohrid to Saranda takes around 4 hours. The bus starts at 7 am. The bus from Ohrid to Saranda stops at all the major places along the way. You can get down at any of these places. You can book the bus online.

You can buy your ticket from the bus station in Ohrid, the main bus station in Skopje, or from the Skopje bus station. The price is between 70 and 110 denars per person.

You can purchase the ticket by phone. If you don’t have time, you can buy the ticket at the bus station. If you have time, you can book the tickets online. You can book the ticket in advance or on the day of the journey.

There are many buses running from Ohrid to Saranda. You can take the bus that runs during the day. Or you can take the night bus. You should book the bus in advance.

The bus travels through many villages and passes through a beautiful mountain landscape. The scenery changes as the bus make its way from Ohrid to Saranda. There is also the option to stop at the monastery in Kratovo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Getting from Ohrid to Saranda By Train

If you prefer a faster, more luxurious way to travel, then take the train from Ohrid to Saranda.

The journey takes a little under four hours, and there are trains from Ohrid to Saranda almost every hour of the day. You can buy your tickets from the station in Ohrid, in Skopje, or from the Skopje railway station.

It costs around 200 denars per person. The train travels through many picturesque villages and passes through beautiful mountains. The scenery changes as the train make its way from Ohrid to Saranda.

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