The Best Fish Restaurants in Saranda, Albania

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As with other small towns and cities, the best seafood restaurants tend to be those situated right next to the fisherman’s port where the local catch of the day is bought in and cooked in nearby restaurants immediately. Well, luckily enough for you, we decided to sample the seafood in taverna’s all around Saranda and as we expected the top restaurants (on both price and quality).

So, the top 3 seafood restaurants in Saranda are:

#1 – Taverna Peshkatari

#2 – Fish Land

#3 – Mare Nostrum cusine

[adsense float=”left”]Not only is seafood tastiest when it’s cooked immediately after being caught it’s has also now been scientifically proven to be beneficial for health (though the health benefits of eating fresh fish have been ‘known’ for ages).

We decided to take a couple of photos of the menu for people out there who like to check out what’s on for offer before going to eat.

If you’ve been to either one of these restaurants before and would like to share your experiences then please use the comments section below. Thanks.


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