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There are many bars in Saranda, most of which are cafe’s during the day and turn into bars at night although alcohol is available for purchase all hours of the day.

Drinks in most bars are reasonably priced although you’ll occasionally get stung for something that is extortionately priced. The safe option is to always ask how much a drink is first or to order a Raki which is generally between 50-150 Lek throughout Saranda.

Music is played in most bars here, often Albanian or Greek but English/American music is commonplace.

In terms of nightclubs, there isn’t a great selection. You have Mango’s (Mango Beach), perhaps the largest and most well know nightclub on the East-side of town, it’s an actual nightclub with a good sound system, central bar and lots of room. HOWEVER… the music they play there is a mix of electro and techno with each song lasting between 10-30 seconds before getting mixed into another song with a completely different beat. Needless to say, it’s a horrible experience to listen to. It’s also jam packed with high tables and chairs and literally nowhere to dance. See the Mango’s Nightclub Review below.

There are also a handful of beach-bars / open-air ‘clubs’ which are pretty good to go to in the summer, most of which shut down early to mid September after the tourists leave.

You’ll find that (for some reason unknown to me) the cafe’s and beach bars change their name almost on a yearly basis, perhaps to keep their image ‘fresh’ I’m not sure, but this can make it confusing, even when asking locals where certain places are as they will still refer to it as last years name or even what it was called numerous years ago.

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