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Restaurants and places to eat in Saranda, Albania.

The Best Fish Restaurants in Saranda, Albania

By SarandaWeb 1 Min Read

As with other small towns and cities, the best seafood restaurants tend to be those situated right next to the fisherman's port where the local

Lekursi Castle (Lëkurësi Castle)

By SarandaWeb 10 Min Read

Lekursi Castle (Kalaja e Lëkurësit | Lëkurësi Castle) was built in the early 16th century by Sultan Suleymani and is located on the top of

Mare Nostrum Review

By SarandaWeb 6 Min Read

The Mare Nostrum restaurant in Sarandë is probably the best restaurant you'll find in town. You'll know it when you walk past it as it

The Seafood In ReNoir Restaurant

By SarandaWeb 3 Min Read

Renoir is one of my most loved spots to feast at while in Albania! The nourishment is remarkable and never neglects to inspire me. The

Mare Nostrum Cuisine Restaurant – Great Food, Fantastic Place in Saranda

By SarandaWeb 4 Min Read

In our three-week Balkan trip, we decided to try some foods in different restaurants. Then, we bumped into Mare Nostrum Cuisine Restaurant, which is a


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Saranda is a quintessential Mediterranean destination located in the Southern part of Albania, experiencing five

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I have always been a firm believer that more than the food being served, the

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I am proud to be a solo traveler and two months ago, I find myself

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Restaurant With Great Value In Saranda Gerthela Seafood Restaurant

Awesome little eatery that works in seafood. The Server took us back to the kitchen

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Try the Delightfully Delicious Coffee and Smoothies at Delight Restaurant

First timers or not, Saranda never fails to have something exciting in store for every

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Fast Food Kasandro Restaurant – Quality Food at the Most Amazing Prices

For this year’s summer vacation, my friends and I decided to visit Saranda. The long

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