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Bus Timetables and Information. Taxi Rates. Flight and Ferry Schedules for Saranda, Albania.


How to Rent a Car in Saranda (Cost of Renting)

Saranda is a little paradise on earth, and one of the top destinations in Albania. This small city is a perfect getaway destination for...
How To Take An Amazing Trip from Ohrid To Saranda

How To Make An Amazing Trip from Ohrid To Saranda

Saranda is one of the most beautiful places. If you love mountains, nature, and waterfalls, you should definitely go there. Saranda is a small...

Corfu to Saranda (and Saranda to Corfu) Ferry

Going to Corfu from Saranda is very simple. There are ferries leaving everyday, usually a couple of times a day, except during the low...

Bus Timetable from Saranda to Butrint (and Butrint to Saranda)

You can get the bus from Sarandë to Butrint (and vise versa). The journey will take approximately 20-25 minutes and cost roughly 100 LEK. The...

Ksamil Islands (& Butrint) info, Albania

Ksamil is a small town located about 15km (9 miles) south of Saranda and is known for having some of the only sand beaches...

Bus Timetable To and From Saranda, Albania (2014-2015)

Getting to and from Saranda is very easy, especially on the bus. There are regular busses that leave to Saranda every day from the...