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For this year’s summer vacation, my friends and I decided to visit Saranda. The long day at the beach left us starving and we thought that it would be great to try the local dishes. We passed by Fast Food Kasandro Restaurant and we decided to check it out.

Since it was already late in the day, my friends cannot decide if they would like to have a full meal or just a simple snack before they hit the bed. I guess we were lucky to have chosen Kasandro because as it turned out, the place offers full meals and snacks at the same time.

A Family-Run Business With a Personal Touch

As we finally settled into a large table that can comfortably accommodate all five of us, the waiter who attended to our orders told us that the place is family run. That explains why I noticed right away an unmistakable warmth and comfort in the overall ambience of the place, something that beckons you and make you feel right at home. As it so happened, my friends also felt the same way and our waiter proceeded to giving us a good overview of what they have in their menu. We can’t help but to be awed by the lengthy list of choices that my friends even joked that we might as well order everything. And mind you, it was not far from being impossible considering that everything in the menu comes in the insanely affordable prices.

Unbelievably Cheap Prices for Great Meals!

Yes, you have read that right. Every single dish in the menu comes in the cheapest prices that will make you think if you are actually reading the figures right. My friends were all having a big smile on their faces because the meals just fit right with their budget. Being one of the most well known tourist destinations in the whole Albania, we couldn’t believe our luck that there is still this kind of place where you wouldn’t have to walk away with an empty wallet just so you can enjoy good food.

Delicious Treats for Everyone

After all our orders have been set on the table, we can’t help but to take in the wonderful smell from the freshly cooked food. The grilled chicken and gyros have such a tantalizing smell that made us hungrier than ever. The serving was also more than generous and after tasting a bite of gyros, I must say that it was the best that I have eaten after having tried several gyros during my European travel last year. The chicken was also grilled to perfection, with just the right juiciness that pretty much explodes into a wonderful taste in your mouth. We loved the food so much that we were very quiet the whole time, with all of us enjoying and relishing every single bite.

Should You Visit Fast Food Kasandro Restaurant

Well, I must say that if you will be visiting Saranda anytime soon, make sure that you drop by Fast Food Kasandro Restaurant and get a taste of their great food!

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