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Awesome little eatery that works in seafood. The Server took us back to the kitchen to choose our fish. We requested a Kg of mussels which was an excessive amount of for 2 individuals. The fish was done to flawlessness just like the Greek serving of mixed greens and flavorful flame broiled vegetables.

They clearly have a battle with avoiding smoking in the eatery as do every single Albanian eatery.

One recommendation: Ask in the event that the greater part of the second course things can be conveyed in the meantime. After the serving of mixed greens we got French fries- – long hold up – mussels- – long hold up – flame broiled vegetables- – long hold up – then fish. By and large, Albanian eateries appear to experience difficulty with timing.

We needed to test the fish and were taken straight to the kitchen to be taken through every one of the choices – chose an extensive ocean bream and it was flame broiled to flawlessness with determination of vegetables. My marginally particular littler youngsters did not need fish and no meat on menu so they arranged a plain and tomato based pasta for them (not on menu all things considered) – was satisfied as did not have any desire to go somewhere else ! We went late season and eatery was stuffed with local people which I will take dependably as a decent indication of better eateries. On the off chance that you like fish this is an absolute necessity – if not then know there is no meat on menu.


Nice Restaurant With Great Value In Saranda

The seafood is the best in all saranda, particularly in the event that you are a devotee of crude prawns, clams and fish. Costs are extremely sensible and the staff is warm and well disposed. Certainly an absolute necessity visit in Saranda!

Of my three days in Saranda, this was by a long shot the best place for sustenance. Straight forward without any claims. Administration and sustenance were amazing. They seem to do an extensive variety of fish dishes, I wish I had one more day here! What’s more, incredible quality – great!

Freshest seafood in saranda

gerthela-seafood-with-great-value-in-saranda While going to Gerthela one must remember to pick the right dishes: the crude (crudo) marinated prawns, the marinated octopus, the crisp french fries, the clams, regular mussels , marinated sardines, the skordhala plunge ( made of pureed potatoes and garlic) which advances the essence of any of the aforementioned dishes – a really unique Albanian plunge. Not a fish fan, however the crude and marinated ocean bass is great.

The greatness of this eatery does not lie in its advanced administration nor in its dish presentation. Each nibble transmits freshness without a cut of bargain from starters to fundamental courses.

An assortment of Greek, Italian and Spanish wines are accessible for pleasure

In The Event That You Are Looking For A Greek Style Fish Tavern; This Is The Best Place To Be

nice-restaurant-with-great-value-in-saranda-34Of alternate surveys I need to concur most with “straight forward without any demands.” This is an incredible eatery to unwind and appreciate a supper. They convey a wide assortment of fish and seafood dishes and in addition a decent wine choice. The family that runs this eatery lived and worked in Greece for a long time and their style here matches that – down to the Greek music playing out of sight. Agreeable individuals and quick administration. With regards to fish and seafood, these folks know how to do it.

To be finished with a survey I need to rundown what drawbacks that I may have with this spot and truly there are just two. In the event that they more youthful individuals who communicate in English aren’t there it is somewhat harder to convey however the menu includes English. The other is that it is somewhat pricier than some other close-by alternatives.

In spite of the fact that it isn’t a drawback, they don’t serve any kind of meat other than fish so if that is what you’re searching for this isn’t the spot to go.

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