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For those who are big fans of seafood and would like to take their dining experience to a different level, the Gerthela Restaurant is one of the most frequented dining places in the area and it is for a good reason. My friend and I decided to drop by one afternoon because many of the other tourists that we met said that we might not be able to get most of the fish on Gerthela’s menu if we go late. So, as early as we can, we decided to start our gastronomy adventure.

When we entered, I noticed right away that the restaurant has very few tables and it definitely has a lengthy line of customers. Finding a vacant table was a bit of a challenge but luckily, we arrived just when a couple was finishing off their meal. We didn’t really see it as inconvenient because we have already heard how tourists and locals alike frequent the place and we were very much looking forward to see if the food is really worth the wait, as what many of them claimed.

Spotless Clean Place for a Great Dining Experience

Despite the huge crowd that comes and goes, what caught my eyes was the fact that the restaurant, which looks very nice by the way, is also immaculately clean. While waiting for our food, I went to the comfort room and just like the rest of the place, it was also squeaky clean, which is a big plus for a clean-freak like me. The restaurant also boasts of an inviting and warm décor, with the touch of the irresistible nautical old world charm. There is also a wood stove responsible for keeping the whole place comfortable and toasty warm when the weather is cold outside. And if this is not enough, the staff was also very helpful and friendly.

Fresh Catch for the Freshest Dishes

But here is the most exciting experience for my friend and me. We were a bit surprised when our server told us to follow him to the kitchen and there, we were asked to choose the fish that we want to be served for dinner. Surely, you can never get any fresher than this! The two of us definitely loved this rare chance and we eagerly set out to choose the fish that we want for dinner. We were also told that the fisherman who owns the place only offers on the menu what he catches on that day.

Seafood Dishes at Their Very Best

Our orders arrived and that was when we realized that we actually ordered a lot, though we didn’t even regret it because by the looks of the plates before us, we could easily devour all of them. I had pasta and grilled cuttlefish and my friend chose pasta and lobster, which is another rare find in most restaurant menus around Saranda. We also had fish soup and grilled calamares. And as expected, all of them tasted so good we can’t help but go back to the kitchen to personally thank the chef for the job very well done.

Should You Try Gerthela Restaurant?

Well, if you are up for some seafood experience, then, Gerthela Restaurant is certainly the perfect place to be. You will definitely love the freshness of every meal and on top of that, you can enjoy the good food for very affordable prices.

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