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[map lat=”39.873588″ lng=”20.011051″ width=”50%” zoom=”14″]Jericho Cocktail Bar[/map]The Jericho Cocktail Bar is situated just on the main bulevard of Saranda. It’s a good place to go and chill out during the day or to have drinks and cocktails in at night.

It has a good view overlooking the sea and as it’s situated above the main coastal walkway. The interior is light and it has a well stocked bar (imported whiskeys, vodka’s, a selection of local and imported beers) at a reasonable price. The cocktails here are also very good and made with local fruits.

Service is casual, you’ll often find a young audience here during the day but after dark it’s very much an older crowd. It can get busy during the weekends and late evenings and there is limited seating (it’s a small-ish place), so make sure to get here early if you want a couch overlooking the sea.

They don’t sell food here, but there is a beautiful little Greek taverna across the road and lots of other restaurants nearby.

A good selection of music is played on my multiple visits to Jericho Cocktail Bar, all of which is English/American chart music from the 60’s to modern day.

A great place to see the sunset, open througout the winter when most other places are shut. A top pick.

Address: Rruga E Flamurit Sarande, Saranda 12208, Albania


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