La Banana Restaurant Saranda: The Romantic Candlelight Dinner Under A Banana Tree

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La Banana restaurant is a restaurant located in Sarande that was decorated with banana tree, it’s a nice and a very relaxing cool place to be in the summer time. The foods and service there are very nice and it has friendly waitress. But for the ladies, the toilets unfortunately leave a lot to be desired by many people who have been there.  But one of the things to put in mind is that in La Banana there are mosquito, so one has to go there with a mosquito sprayer so as to prevent the mosquito bite. The mosquito sprayer should be mostly spray on the ankles and also on the leg part just to be on the safer side. The nature of the toilet there sometime may not make one to be happy because it not a different sex toilet but used by both sex…I wonder why it just made to be that. If you are not happy with the toilets, you are free to go out and turn left up the steps last place on the right and try Leos which happens to be an excellent toilet but shared by both sexes .

If only the toilet in La Banana restaurant can be rehabilitated and treated with care, then the place will be a place where by 95% recommendation will be given.

Planning For A Decent Meal

la-banana-restaurant-saranda-the-romantic-candlelight-dinner-under-a-banana-tree-2On the stairs behind Lion Gate Hotel, very central in town there are lot of Plastic chairs and in that place is cheap foods. There are  pork filet listed as pork filled seasoned with oregano and plenty of salt, under-fried chips but not as pretty much standard than that of Albania, green salad, cucumbers and tomatoes. So one can went straight ahead if he or she feels not satisfied with the La Banana restaurant.

In La Banana you can also find place of relaxation too which will be mostly under the banana trees and also same food as it is in the Lion Gate Hotel but the only different here is there environmental facility.

There is decent food at fair prices for the town and very generous portions as also that of the Lion Gate Hotel, big enough to share meat dishes and then you need to order side salads etc to go with it. In one of our visit there, we were asked if we wanted chips or salad to go with it, but don’t be mislead – they are extra and not included in the dish as we were led to believe!

A Wonderful Afternoon With A Big Portion

I walked past the La Banana restaurant and decided to grab a quick bite here in the middle of the afternoon about half past three. In my mind I thought that the restaurant would be closed for a break but the female staff invited me in. The place had simple decorations, beautiful and looks serene, so I have to check-in because I like having a meal in a place surrounded by banana trees.

I immediately ordered for a mussels in earthenware cooked in kiln and initially when it was served to the table I was totally surprised that the earthenware looked pretty small, but I was deceived by the size because it was filled with mussels that when I finished my rice I still had about half the mussels in it!

The dish was really good and filling and satisfying. Price of the meal was quite reasonable. I would recommend trying seafood here as Saranda is by the coast and they should have pretty fresh and cheap seafood available.

The Romantic Candlelight Dinner Under A Banana Tree

As you know that dinning in the night in a beautiful place is prettily romantic and munching under a banana plant by candlelight in the night is also strangely romantic, the food wasn’t too bad although the pickled salad had a very strong aftertaste. The girl who served us seemed to be alone to look after all the customers so it was difficult to attract her attention. Not an unpleasant meal, although don’t expect the wow factor.

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