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In our three-week Balkan trip, we decided to try some foods in different restaurants. Then, we bumped into Mare Nostrum Cuisine Restaurant, which is a fantastic place for me. We have been several restaurants in various places during our trip, but we always end up unsatisfied with the foods they’re serving. Fortunately, we saw Mare Nostrum Cuisine Restaurant and tried their foods. We are surprised that each of the dish we have ordered are very delicious and quite unique, making us more interested with their menu.

The restaurant’s waiters were very helpful and speak good English. They gave us some good suggestions and honest about what they are saying. The first food we tried is the Albanian doughnuts, which are actually the complimentary appetizers. These doughnuts are no ordinary as these are enriched with sautéed onion. The feta spread was also delicious compared to other restaurants we tried in Pristina.

We also tried their garden salad, which includes rocket, lettuce, loads of grilled vegetables like eggplants, grilled feta with yogurt sauce, aubergines, and red and green peppers. These are all amazing and good enough for our lunch. The restaurant’s grilled scamp in hot and spicy sauce was also fresh and tasty. Their presentation is also exceptional as they are very innovative and fabulous.

Heavenly Seafood

As a seafood lover, I ordered seared scallops with umami sauce, which is very good and had me licking the shell of scallops. I also loved the seafood linguini, which was also served with a tasty sauce. For me, their meals are the best. It’s like I’ve never eaten seafood before and it made me craved for more. That is the reason why when we come back for another vacation, I will surely visit this restaurant again no matter what happens.

Saranda’s One of the Best Restaurant

Everything is perfect once you entered Mare Nostrum Cuisine Restaurant. It’s a quiet place where you can enjoy and eat delicious sea food, where you can listen to good music, drink a good glass of wine, and much more. Their staff were also friendly. When compared to some restaurants, I never had a hard time communicating with them. I also asked about the ingredients of the foods and they all answered my questions right away.

Affordable Prices

Mare Nostrum Cuisine Restaurant offers foods at affordable prices. I’m very amazed on how affordable their foods are for me. Even if others said that they offer a bit pricey, I actually disagree with them. The reason behind it is that with the delicious foods they serve, I think it is very worth it for everybody who are searching for something special to indulge.

Should You Visit Mare Nostrum Cuisine Restaurant?

I know everyone has his or her own personal preferences when it comes to foods. However, if you wanted to eat in a restaurant that would make a difference in your experience, then don’t miss to visit Mare Nostrum Cuisine Restaurant because it is a fantastic place, which only offers the foods you deserve!

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