Paradise Iguana Club Restaurant – A Family Favorite for Years

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Our family is certainly a family that always enjoys dining in places where not only good food but more importantly, a good experience is being offered. And for the past five years of traveling to Saranda when the kids have their school break, we only have one restaurant in mind the moment we step off the boat and that is none other than Paradise Iguana Club Restaurant.

The Perfect View for the Most Memorable Family Bonding

My kids who are already in their teens were actually the ones who found the restaurant five years ago during our first trip to Saranda. My eldest is the family’s food critique and she’s the one who decides whether a dish is worth the money or not. But it was the youngest that chose Paradise Iguana not for the food at first but for the spectacular view on the roof that overlooks the Saranda Bay. When we reached the roof area, I knew right away where it has taken the word Paradise in its business name. The darkness of the night made it even more breathtaking to watch the night lights that seem to be dancing on the waters. The panoramic view on the top will make you feel that you have your own paradise here on earth. My youngest daughter squealed with delight when she saw the white linen on every nicely decorated table. She chose one table and my wife and I knew we wouldn’t be going anywhere soon.

Exciting and Extensive Menu Great for All Members of the Family

After taking pictures, we checked the menu and my wife smiled when our kids pointed to everything they saw on the list. But finally, they settled for pasta and salad while my wife and I decided to have grilled fish. When the food came, we were four people who cannot help but to feel awed by the almost perfect presentation. Simply put, everything looks very pleasant and when we started eating, I was not surprised that my eldest was having that nod of a critique, a sign that she did like her pasta. As for the youngest, she was having that bright smile of hers that only reveals that it will be her new favorite. My wife and I shared the consensus that our grilled fish tasted like it was freshly reeled in. My kids also loved their salads and after the meal, the adults were also proposed to try a nice Albanian white wine and we found it really pleasant.

All in all, that first dining experience that we had at Paradise Iguana Club Restaurant is the very reason why we keep coming back to the place for the past five years. With the stunning view of the sea, the classy ambiance, good cuisine and top of the line service, we will continue to go back to this restaurant in the many years to come. This is certainly a gastronomic delight that every family deserves to experience!


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