Postal Services info (+ Parcels & Mail) in Albania

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Shipping documents or packages in Albania is fairly expensive and can be unreliable, however if it is required there are locations from which this can be done.

You can find the local post office on Rruga Flamurit with regular business hours. If having something shipped to Albania, it is standard to write a phone number along with the address so you can be contacted once it has arrived. Letters and packages are subject to being lost for a time at the post office, however with a phone number workers can contact you once it is found.

For FedEx, there is a small office right off the park in the center of town, located near the corner of Rruga Skënderbeu and Rruga Telat Noga. There is only a small FedEx sign on the glass shop front and only a desk inside, so is fairly easy to miss. The workers insides do not speak English well, however it is easy enough to work through the process of filling out the paperwork. Make sure you have an address and phone number in Saranda in case whatever you’re sending needs to be returned, also be sure to get your receipt from the them to have the tracking number and phone number of the office. However, do not be alarmed if the online tracking does not register your package, sometimes it takes them quite a few days to update the information. Prices will range depending on where you are shipping to and the weight, however for an example a light packet of documents being shipped to California in the US will cost about 35euro and takes 3-5 days. You can reduce the costs and time for locations closer to Albania.

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