Saranda to Corfu (and Corfu to Saranda) Ferry Timetables are as follows:

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Saranda – Corfu Ferry Timetables 2014-2015 (Ionian Cruises)

A table showing the timetables from Corfu - Saranda and Saranda to Corfu for 2014 & 2015 via Ionian Cruises.
Corfu => Saranda
(Greek Time)
Saranda => Corfu
(Albanian Time)
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Price for a 1-way ticket is EUR 19.00.

Travel agency (Corfu): 26610-38690-31649
Travel agency (Albania): 00355 85226057

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Saranda – Corfu Ferry Timetables 2014-2015 (Finikas Lines)

A table showing the timetables from Corfu - Saranda and Saranda to Corfu for 2014 & 2015 via Finikas Lines.
DatesCorfu => Saranda
(Greek Time)
Saranda => Corfu
(Albanian Time)
Ticket Prices
January - April09:0012:45One-way: 19 EUR
Return: 38 Euro
May - 20 July09:00 & 18:3010:30 & 16:00One-way: 19 EUR
Return: 38 Euro
21 July - 15 September09:00 & 13:00 & 18:3009:00 & 10:30 & 16:00One-way: 23.80 EUR
Return: 47.60 Euro
16 September - 15 October09:00 & 18:3010:30 & 16:00One-way: 19 EUR
Return: 38 Euro
16 October - 31 December09:0013:00One-way: 19 EUR
Return: 38 Euro
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Adress: Rruga Mitat Hoxha, Mbi portin Detar Sarande, Albania
Tel: 0035585226057
Mob: 00355672022004

Additional information on ferries to and from Saranda (from Corfu) (

Is there a visa fee for entering into Sarada, Albania?

No. There used to be a number of years ago but there isn’t any more. Neither is there a ‘white card’ which you should keep with you until you leave. This system was abandoned many years ago.

Tour companies will still try and charge you this even though it doesn’t exist.

How often do ferries run?

Ferries from Corfu to Saranda and vise-versa operate all year round with additional times added during peak seasons.

During peak season, Ionian Cruises ferries operate from 09:00 13:00 & 18:30 travelling from Corfu to Saranda, with the express ferry being the earliest one.

Peak season lines from Sarande to Corfu via Ionian Cruises:

09:00, 10:30 and 16:00. Earliest departure is the high speed hydrofoil (aka, the Flying Dolphin) with the later departures being the standard and slower ferry boat (ship name: Kaliopi).

Full timetable and prices:

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How many ferry companies/lines are there?

Two. Finikas lines and Ionian Cruises.

How long does it take to travel from Corfu to Saranda?

On the fast hydrofoil, it takes about 30 minutes. The slower ferry takes almost 1.5 hours.

Where can I purchase tickets from in Saranda to go to Corfu via ferry?

There are two shops/offices where you can purchase tickets, one either side of the port entrance.

Do you get a stamp in your visa when entering into Saranda via Corfu?

Rarely. But sometimes. If you’re and EU citizen then likely not. Other countries you might.

Can you take a car onto the ferry?

Yes but only the slower one and sometimes only on specific routes (but normally on all days Monday – Sunday), normally car opereated ferries leave morning (around 10:30am) and late afternoon (around 4pm) from both Saranda and Corfu ports, normally two a day. The faster hydrofoil ship leaves in the morning 9am and can’t take cars.

How many cars can fit onto the ferry leaving Corfu/Saranda?

Around 4-5 cars will fit so if you’re looking to travel with your car across to Greece or Albania it’s best to reserve a car slot at least a week in advance or as early as possible, especially in peak season.

How much does it cost to travel with a car via ferry to Corfu or Saranda?

Around EUR120 but could be a little more depending on the size of car and passengers (between EUR140-EUR200 for a small family and car.)

Do you have to reserve a ticket/buy a ticket in advance to travel on the ferry to Corfu?

I’ve done the crossing many times and have always purchased my ticket on the day or a day in advance. Never has the ferry been anywhere close to full capacity so I dont’ think you’ll need to reserve a seat in advance.

Are there any cash machines (ATM’s) near the ports of Saranda and Cofu?

Yes. Many. Right near the port entrance on both sides.

What is the time difference between Corfu and Saranda?

There is a one hour time difference (Corfu is one hour ahead of Albania/Sarande).

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Last Updated on 11th October 2015


      • Hello!
        Where can I find informaiton regarding the car ferry between Albania and Corfu? I cannot find any time table, prices or booking instructions. As we come by car I would like to book in advance.

        • Hello Johan,

          I have added some additional information to the post which should help you. You’ll have to contact the ferry company direct to book a car on one of their ferries as there is limited space. Better to book sooner rather than later. Prices are around EUR 50 per car. Each ferry can only take around 4-5 cars, sometimes only 3 if they are big.

          If you need any more information, please let me know, I’d be happy to help.


  1. So it’s possible to get a ferry at 6.30pm from Corfu to Sarande on Thursday May 7th 2015 with Finikas lines? I’m having trouble getting from Palaiokastritsa early enough to get the 9am ferry. I don’t want to pay €45 to get a taxi. If I can get a ferry at 6.30PM I could get the bus.
    Is this a fast ferry or slow one?

    • Hello Deborah,

      Yes it’s possible to get the ferry at 6:30pm on May 7th. EUR45 does seem expensive, I’d opt for getting the bus. It would be the fast ferry you would be getting.

      Let me know if you need any other help,

    • The Corfu ferry ticket office to get tickets to Saranda can be found inside the main New Port entrance which is to the left backing onto the main road. Tickets are available here during the peak season June – September.

      Outside of the peak season you can purchase tickets from the main office of Ionian Cruises which is a small office facing the Domestic Terminal building. Here you can also find the left luggage office. It’s on the road running parrallel to the sea.


      Ionian Cruises – Petrakis Lines, 4, Ethnikis Antistaseos, 49100 Corfu, Hellas,

      Tel : +0030 26610 38690, 31649, 25155
      Fax : +0030 26610 38787, 26555

      Open from 08:00

      There are additional sailings during the peak season, during this time the price also increases.

      It is possible to book tickets online via their website but I’d advise NOT doing this in case there is any maintenance or strikes (it does happen) so, best purchasing a ticket day of travel.

      After purchasing your ticket for Saranda, you’ll have to walk to the top end of the new port, about 400m up the road heading out of Corfu town. You’ll need to have your passport ready and go to the New Passenger Terminal to book. Here you can also find a small duty free shop.

      When boarding the boat there is a luggage store by the entrance. Adjust your watches 1 hour ahead of Greek time.

      I hope this is of some help,


  2. I would like to ask some information. These are:
    – Is there car ferry from Saranda to Corfu at 01.07.2015. ?
    – When will it start at that day?
    – Where could I buy tickets to ferry?
    – How much does it cost for one trip to 1 car, 1 child and for 2 adults?
    – Could you inform me if there is any passport control and where before using ferry?

    • Hello Gal,

      In answer to your question:

      Yes, there are at least 3 car ferries running per day but you might need to book in advance to get a space.

      10:30 would be the earliest car ferry you could take.

      You buy tickets at either one of two shops/offices at either side of the port entrance of Saranda.

      Price for one trip, 1 car, 1 child and 2 adults would be around EUR 120. But you’d have to confirm the price of your car with the ferry company. They might also be able to offer you a ‘family package’ of some sort but I don’t know too much about these.

      You’ll have to go through passport control just before you board the ferry, it’s inside Saranda ferry port on the left hand side. You’ll have your passport scanned, your bags checked and you’ll walk through a metal detector. It’s standard but not hugely strict.

      I hope this is of some help, any further info you need please let me know,


  3. are three vehicle carrying ferries running? is that the morning ferry? what is the price? is it reliable? I have heard funny stories of fire on board and passengers at risk due to very old ferries?

    • Hello Bob,

      Thanks for the question. I’ve updated the post above with more information, but just to clarify:

      Around 3 vehicle carrying ferries operate per day, two from one company and normally one from the other. NO vehicle carrying ferries are available for the first departure (9:00am, though sometimes they are delayed and leave more like 09:30am.) as these are the express ferries. After the first departure, you are allowed to take cars on the ferry but there is limited space so you’ll want to book as much in advance as possible.

      I hope that is of some help, any other questions, please let me know,

  4. I would be grateful if you could inform me that, where (web page) could I book in advance (for 01.07.2015.) tickets for car ferry, because I didn’t find it.

    Thank you in advance,
    Antal Gal

  5. Hi

    Last summer(2014) a new ferry line started. It was a big ferry, much bigger than Kaliopi and took many cars. I cant remember the name of the company. Can u help me with that? And where do they have their office in Corfu.

    • Hello Arben,

      I’m not aware of any new lines which have started up. To my knowledge there is only two companies that run from Sarande to Corfu.

      Sorry I can’t be of any more help,


  6. Hello, I would like to know the timetable for next August 2016 with prices for adults and car, as well.
    Please, let me know and tell me where I can book the tickets.
    Thank you and best regards,

  7. Hello!

    I came across your informative web site searching the web for information. We are going to get from Saranda to Corfu on April 27th morning (no car, just 2 people). I would like to know if the Finikas and Ionian hydrofoil leaving Saranda at 12:45 and 13:00 is the only mean of transportation available on this day? Or maybe are there any other options like e.g. private boats offering/interested in that kind of people transfer from one coast to another? Any information in this subject would be highly appreciated.

    Thank you,

  8. Hello
    Can you take the fast ferry with a bicycle and how much does it cost?
    Do they operate already beginning of May 2016?
    Thank you!


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