Seafood Of The Amazing Bar Restaurant Of Tre Ishujt

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Straightforward little eatery only a stage from the shoreline, for all intents and purposes on the ocean, with an extremely pleasant perspective. Risotto with seafood, awesome mass white wine, mussels and calamari tasty, delightful Greek plate of mixed greens. Spotless, expeditious and polite administration .This is for little cost. What else do you need?

Extraordinary Views And Nice Food

With low desires in the bar restaurant of Tre Ishujt, we where really astonished by the nature of the nourishment uncommonly of the spaghetti al Voegele with pleasant new mollusks which was very extraordinary in nature.

Extraordinary Seafood

In the wake of swimming in the ocean adjacent we came here to eat. The nourishment was fantastic. Astounding octopus, squid and fish. Fresh and arranged in a way that let the seafood flavors become the dominant focal point. It doesn’t get much fresher. Administration was normal yet the nourishment! Flavorful.

Great Lunch Ever Had!!

Good fish … I would say … Regardless of the possibility that you are not an immense eater … The flavor was extraordinary … I prescribe it … What’s more, on the off chance that you go for a lunch or supper stop even at the shoreline which is ravishing with the its white sand and perfectly clear waters ..

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