The Seafood In ReNoir Restaurant

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Renoir is one of my most loved spots to feast at while in Albania! The nourishment is remarkable and never neglects to inspire me. The menu is exceptionally all around estimated, with numerous choices to browse; It’s an awesome spot for both families and couples to feast at. Alongside the lovely coastline view, Renoir gives you the alternative of feasting outside, along the pool, or inside the eatery. I have been resulting in these present circumstances eatery for two summers in succession now, and I plan to keep eating there each mid year I come to Albania! A flat out enjoyment generally!

New Seafood With A Breathtaking View

The Seafood In ReNoir RestaurantI went to the Renoir Restaurant amid a visit to Saranda in September 2014. We (3) pick distinctive sort of seafood (Calamari, Shrimps and neighborhood Saranda-Mussels). The Seafood was crisp and okay cooked. The Calamari were crunchy on the outside and delicate within.
The Mussels werde cooked and marinated a while later, the marinate suited the mussels just superbly. Since i don’t care for Shrimps i can’t expound on these, yet my relative enjoyed them in particular.

The Seafood In ReNoir RestaurantAdditionally the wine was incredible. The Raki-Liqueur which we had after the dinner was remarkable.

The service there was quick and accommodating. Proposals were given. we paid around 7 Euros for each feast, which is perhaps not the least expensive in Albania, but rather sort of modest for the nature of nourishment.

We additionally liker the view, subsequent to the eatery is specifically at the ocean which is extremely pleasant with night falls.

I would prescribe to go there by any possibility.


This eatery has change name to Barracuda.. It’s a decent place With incredible perspective.. alright stuff and decent Staff working there.

I ate there 4 times, and each time the food was extraordinary, regardless of the fact that it was not the least expensive in Saranda, it was justified, despite all the trouble. Extravagance eatery with incredible sustenance and astonishing perspective.

It is a decent place to stay and eat. The bar situated close to the pool and the ocean, with the perspective to the city and Corfu. The administration is superb. The server was extremely pleasant person. The nourishment was not that terrible, but rather not prescribed.

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