The Amazing Castle Of Lekuresi

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Lëkurësi citadel is a ruined fortress in Lëkurës, southern Albania. The castle of Lekuresi is located at the top of the hill near Saranda city. From the outer view, you can see the city and the encompassing area in which from right here you in all likelihood can control the entire metropolis as good on the grounds that the islands of Ksamil.

Within the fortress is a bar-restaurant while within the weekend which you could hear and dance the Albanian song from exceptional musicians. The night time view of Saranda from the fort is perfect.


The historical point of it shows that Lëkurës castle was built in 1537 by way of Sultan Suleiman the amazing who had attacked Corfu and wanted to control the harbor of Sarandë and the road that related it with Butrint.

lekuresi-castle1The fort used to withhold the old Lëkurës village. It has a square form with two circular towers on its north-western and south-eastern corners. To climb as much as the citadel, visitors ought to go away the major road on Qafë Gjashtë and go up the city hill from the opposite side of town.

On the ruins of the historical fortress, tourists can experience a meal within the local restaurant which is built in within the variety and with equivalent substances to the fort.

lekuresi-castle3Lekuresi Castle is a very excellent reachable site with an excellent view on all recommendations. The bar and restaurant is open but during the winter time, it is always closed and the guards in there was very friendly and helpful. On the way, we stopped to look the lighthouse slightly below the citadel. And to look one in every of million bunkers. We now have blue sky and notice all over Kurf and mountains around.

lekuresi-castle7If at all you happen to be a tourist, your staying in Saranda will likely be an even more enriching experience when you also visit the regional natural villages of Lukova, Piqerasi and Borshi where precise panoramic sea views, stunning mountain and olive grove landscapes are mixed with the allure of village atmosphere and the most dramatic and sumptuous surroundings along the whole size of Ionian sea.

lekuresi-castle4The visit to Lekuresi Castle is a very amazing experience in which one can never forgotten due to the entertaining display and the awesome view of the entire surroundings, so Lekuresi Castle is a place that is highly granted for recommendation for Tourist who wish to have an impressive view.


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