Ultimate Guide on How to Get to Saranda Albania from the UK

Sofia Rossi
Sofia Rossi 3 Min Read

Ultimate Guide on How to Get to Saranda, Albania, from the UK 🌍✈️

Hey, fellow travellers! Are you dreaming of the Albanian Riviera’s crystal-clear waters and sizzling sunsets? Saranda is calling your name! But, how do you swap the UK’s rain for Albania’s sunshine? Fear not, amici, I’ve got the ultimate guide to get you from the UK to Saranda, pronto!

Flying High – The Sky Route 🛫

Direct Flights to Tirana: Your adventure begins with a flight to Albania’s capital, Tirana. Airlines like Ryanair, British Airways, and Wizz Air offer flights from various UK airpor​​e. Prices and durations vary, so picking a day could save you some pounds and time.

Connecting Flights: If direct flights are making your wallet weep, consider a layover adventure. Italy, Germany, and Austria are popular pit stops offering connections to Tira​​e. Flying to Corfu and catching a ferry to Saranda is a savvy, scenic option. Low-cost carriers like EasyJet and RyanAir can get you to Corfu on the che​​e.

Sea Legs – The Ferry Route 🚢

From Corfu to Saranda: Once you’ve landed in Corfu, the next leg of your journey is a picturesque ferry ride. Ferries zip across the water in 30-75 minutes, depending on whether you’re on a speedboat or taking it s​​ce. Ferries run multiple times a day during peak season but remember, Corfu is an hour ahead of Albania – don’t miss your boat!

Road Tripping – Bus and Car 🚌🚗

Tirana to Saranda by Bus: If you’re up for a road trip, buses from Tirana to Saranda offer a wallet-friendly way to see the Albanian countr​​urce. The journey takes about 5 hours, but it’s a chance to meet locals and snack on some byrek on the way.

So, What’ll It Be?

Choosing your route to Saranda depends on your budget, time, and sense of adventure. Whether you soar through the skies, sail across the sea, or hit the road, Albania’s hidden gem awaits with open arms and spectacular views.

In closing, thanks for reading my ultimate guide! I hope it helps make your journey as fun and easy as a beach day in Saranda. And remember, every journey starts with a single step… or a flight search, in this case! Catch you on the Albanian Riviera, where the adventure continues. Arrivederci! 🌊🌞

P.S. Did you know Albania is home to one of Europe’s sunniest cities? More than 300 sunny days a year in Saranda await you!

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