General Information

  • Language: Albanian
  • Currency: LEK (1 EUR = 140 LEK)
  • Time Zone: GMT +1 (1 hour behind Greece)
  • Country code: +355
  • Emergency Numbers
    • Emergency service: 127 or 112
    • Police: 19
    • Ambulance: 17
    • Fire: 18

The Tourist Info. Center is located along the promenade at the end of Rruga Mustafa Matohiti

The hospital is located on Rruga Onhezmi

Contact info: 08522442

The police station is located on the corner of Rruga Musa Demi and Rruga Adem Sheme

Some tap water is safe to drink, however it is recommended to buy bottled water. Six liter bottles can be purchased for as little as 90 LEK (i.e. 65 EUR) from local markets.

Last Updated on 2nd January 2015


  1. good morning in August, I will be on holiday in Saranda. I would like to know if there is a place to play roulette. bye

    • hello Fappani,

      There are no roulette wheels in Saranda. There is a “casino” but inside is only digital fruit machines and pokies.

      There are a number of places to play live poker around Saranda, but you’d have to get to know some of the locals and be invited to come and play prior to playing.

      I hope this is of some help.



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