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The Mirror seaside itself is particularly stunning. That you can sit down on a long-established seashore and that you can go to a rock or to go slightly extra and keep in a more secluded location. Swimmers can swim across the stunning rock standing in the sea, or swim through the grotto within the rock.

There is even a changing room and shower, and a bathroom at the cafe. Unnecessary cafe is just not very much, a small selection of drinks and food in other areas better. Even higher to return here with the aid of a vehicle, considering that from the bus on the avenue Saranda-CCAY go away sufficient, for 20-25 minutes, and back and even in steep hill on a filthy road. Taxi to Saranda is ready 10 euros. In case you have a vehicle, I recommend the seashore more at the monastery, it’s a kilometer before turning on a replicate seaside, for those who pressure from Saranda. The gorgeous lagoon, to head a lot closer from the monitor. Also, there is a cafe where you can order grilled fish. Within the sea which you could dive for sea hedgehogs or dive with wooden floors.

vacation-to-mirror-beach-saranda-2The road to Mirror beach is superb up earlier than taking the exit that goes up on the hill, cautious now not to miss it (the signs are not very obvious). This output is under that of the beach manastir (better stated), then begins a 200m path that descends from there to the beach. In case you are driving there’s a parking lot down but folks on the avenue so not run on the backside there’s an employee who helps park (no rate).

vacation-to-mirror-beach-saranda-1The Mirror seaside isn’t dangerous, there’s a lot to do as a Marine mountaineering primarily around the significant rock on the left, the seabed continues to be virgin. What’s missing is a location that makes dining out (there may be a cafe there, but it soon fell in excessive season). Or furnish sandwiches earlier than you go if you want to wait very long. It can be just a little wild because the situation and the municipality has not invested the fundamental, nevertheless, it’s valued at the detour, specifically if you happen to do it early to get just right seats …

vacation-to-mirror-beach-saranda-3The confidential seashore places (parasol + 2 chairs) are 600 lek / day somewhat extra expensive than others within the subject (500 lek / d). The toilets exist however should not in best and there’s a bathe and a couple of pickets changing cabins. Appears adore it is the owners of the restaurant have all constructed … Albanian name of this seashore is Pashir. It located between Saranda and Ksamil. Buses stop there. Of direction, whilst you need to decide upon up the sign you want to get off at the “Pashir beach”. Walk from the bus stop to the beach takes about quarter-hour. The road might not be a very at ease however widoczki spectacular. The first seaside to which it occurs is a seaside with deck chairs, umbrellas and a tavern. To get to 2 secluded beaches will have to go to the left and go by means of the water, alongside the cliff. Water reaches the thigh.

vacation-to-mirror-beach-saranda-5The primary seashore which is sought – indeed basically empty however I failed due to the fact littered !! However which you can additionally go ahead and again go through the water alongside the cliff and there’s yet another smaller seashore – that is entirely secluded. We frolicked on it, and really high-quality to recollect her. Again to the discontinue already no longer cool considering the fact that you have to go up. however, I consider it is valued at whilst for an hour or two to consult with this location. Waiting on the bus stop, that you can enjoy beautiful views of Lake Butrint.

vacation-to-mirror-beach-saranda-4Mirror beach in Albanian matches pasqyra because of this mirror. To get them you need to take one of the vital many buses or vans that depart from saranda as is about 15 km from the latter. The bad factor is that the buses leave you on the highway and no longer accompany you to the seaside so after he acquired off was necessary at any time when go just about a km uphill paved road and when you attain the highest you needed to drive down a grime avenue but dirt snake and it was once really steep and tiring then by means of retracing end of the day, however I ought to admit that it is still precious. The umbrella price 500 lek in two, nearly the seaside is a cafe the place that you would be able to devour seafood, or to drink something cool. Attaching photos so you’ll discover the seashore and the ocean.

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